Wacky, Tacky and True

I've always been obssesed with Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry. Seeing A-listers do crazy things makes me feel better about myself.

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    Beyonce's Fake Pregnancy

    For someone who has been on the A-list for almos two decades, it's pretty amazing how Beyonce maintains her squeaky-clean image. Yet, there were claims during her pregnancy with Blue, that her pregnancy is a scam. Look at the way her baby bump is folding. Ordinary baby bumps just don't do that. People began speculating she used a surrogate mom, so that she won't have to gain any baby weight. Furthermore, this way she can earn a coverof some sort of a fitness magazine and tell stories of how she got her pre-baby body back. We couldn't help but wonder-is she of isn't she vain enough to come up with such a plan?

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    Break The Internet

    Choosing the most bizarre, sleazy moment in the history of the Kardashian Klan is practically impossible. The first thing that I can think of, though, is the most distasteful photoshoot ever, back in 2014. Cringeworthy in every single way.

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    Britney Spears' Meltdown

    Must new moms tend to keep calm and wholesome, for the sake of theit infant children. That rule doesn't apply for Britney Spears. Right after having her second son, she spiraled out of control. She was arrested for DUI, she lost the costudy of her sons, she tried to hit the paparazzis with an umbrella. Eventually she came to her senses, after spending most of 2007-2008 in and out of rehab facilities. The whole story gives me hope-If she could make it through 2007, I can make it through another boring day at work.

  4. 4

    Taylor Swift's Men

    Sometimes it looks as if she has a check-list of celebrity men. Whenever she's done with anoter male-celebrity, she just crosses him off her list, and on to the next one. Unfortunately, she doesn't understand that at a certain point, the joke is on her. Hey, maybe she can write a song about it.

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    I used to like Tom Cruise and Will Smith. I honestly did. Not anymore, though, since they became cray-cray. Scientology is a dangerous cult whose entire purpose is to get its believers' money. The Church of Scientology was established as a scam, right from the start. Yet, astoundingly, thausands of people all over the world believe Earth was created by an alien called Xenu. They pay millions to get a higher rank, and they believe in the whole spiritual, new-age mumbo-jumbo brainwash. Apparently common sense and the ability to distinguish right from wrong are out of style in Hollywood.

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