The Best TV Shows You Probably Don't Watch

So many of us are Game of Thrones fans. However, there are so many TV shows you just don't know. So here are a few binge-worthy TV shows I recommend.

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    So. Let's go on with my obssesion with British costume dramas. This time, we go further back in history, as this show is set in Cornwall in the 18th century. Angliphiles are in for a treat-lowerqupper class tention, plenty of romance, and of course-corsets.

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    Call The Midwife

    First of all I have a confession to make. I'm a sucker for period dramas, especially those who are set in the United Kingdom.

    This is a story of the midwives who worked at the East End of London in the 1950's and 1960's. Don't you worry, though, the delivery scenes are not graphic at all. This show is just wholesome entertainment.

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    The Crown

    Is there anything more British than the Queen? I don't think so. This show is about Queen Elizabeth's first years on the British throne, Personally, this show really surprised me. I expected a stone-cold Queen, like we all know her now, but apparently, back in the day, it wasn't so. Not one bit.

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    Prepare for an emotional roller coaster,
    Such lovely and yet corrupted people, This show Creates a stimulating discussions on the subject of human needs

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    I have a taste for soap-opera.This show is about a record label called Empire, and the family who runs it, the Lyons. Everything about the Lyons is big, wild, dramatic and way over the top. The plot twists are beyond crazy, yet I just can't stop watching

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