The 5 Most Overrated Cultural Phenomena

Many times, pop culture provides us with awesome TV shows, movies, celebrities, trends and so on. Many times they are just cringe-worthy and hideous.

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    A social network that allows its users to write anything they want, as long as it's less than 140 characters. Personally, I love talking, I talk way too much. I don't care much forsummarizing. Besides-Facebook doesn't limit its users for the legth of their message, so I find it much easier to express myself.

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    If you're over 18 and you're not a Kardashian, this app has nothing to do with you. Furthermore, Snapchat filters are just as bad as duckface.

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    I'll admit. I'm an Apple fan just as much as the next person, Yet, truth must be told-It's utterly pointless to buy a new iPhone once a year. The differences between an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 7 are minor. Personally, I buy a new iPhone every three years. It's good enough for me. I'm just a simple girl, I'm not a hacker and I dont want to break into the Pentagon computers. As long as I have my favorite apps, I'm good.

  4. 4

    Mannequin Challenge

    Look, I get it, most of us have the urge to be a part of shomething bigger than ourselves. To have a community. That's partially why we follow trends. It's human nature, I reckon. Yet, one should have some sort of a filter. Something that allows him or her to choose between cool trends and ridiculous trends. I don't follow trends just for the sake of it. Personally, I'm waiting for this boring trend to fade away.

  5. 5

    The Kardashians

    The Kardashians are a guilty pleasure for me. I may follow them on every social media there is, yet I hate myself for that. How come I care so much for this bunch of uselesss, untalented people? When did class, brains and talent become irrelevant? It's clearly a cycle-the Kardashians do crazy things, they get media attention. they trend on social media, they get multi-million dollar campaigns, and this cycle repeats itself. We need to stop giving them the attention they crave. Maybe this way they'll just vanish back to obscurity/

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