The 5 Greatest Vacation Destinations- All You Should Know

To be honest, I've been to several exotic places, including Morocco and China. Yet, there are so many other places I havn't had the chance to visit yet, though some day I most definitely will.

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    Fifty shades of green-forests

    For someone who has spent her entire life in a hot place, traveling to a green, cold place seems like quite an adventure. Ireland is a go-to place for people who want to see fifty shades of green-forests, meadows and so on. Also, the Irish culture fascinates me.

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    Ancient And The Contemporary

    I have a taste for the orient. After visiting so many places in Europe. it's time to get to know a whole other place. The Japanese culture has been here for thousands of years, so it's like seeing a piece of history coming to life. At the same time, Japan is all about technology and innovation. Seing the ancient and the contemporary coexist is a hell of an experience.

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    What Would Buddha Say?

    I have to admit. I don't care much for dirt and poverty when I travel. I want to see beautiful, happy things. I don't want to see hungry children begging for money. These sort of things make me very uncomfortable.

    Hoever, something about India is compelling, magnetizing. I'm sure I can work something out, like a 5-star vacation. Naturally, in a place like India, fancy hotels are a bargain, comparing to the West.

  4. 4

    My Very Own Kangaroo!

    This list is all about dreaming out loud, isn't it? Flights from my home country to Australia last about 24 hours. For me, it's as far away from home as it gets.

    Yet, the wildlife in the Australian Outback got my imagination running wild. I'm intrugued.;;kmtag=c&ban=||ACC|2|LNK1|||||CampID||||L2|||||||

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    No Pirates. Only Caribbeans

    Sunny, sandy beaches, turquoise ocean, a luxury resort...Need I say more?

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