My favorite workouts

Like most people, I need to work out and watch my diet. I'm not naturally skinny. I have to admit-I'm a foodie, All day long I think of carbs, in all forms, shapes and sizes. Luckily, I love working out-over the years, I have come across many fun, energetic, effective workouts.

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    Old-fashioned, safe, and to top it all off-free of charges. All you need to do is wear sneakers and walk. I can walk for about two hours straignt, without even paying attention.

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    Sometimes it looks like it's the biggest trend out there, as far asfitness goes. TRX is a form of suspended training-you can work on every single muscle in your body, plus strengthen your core.

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    Though some find powerlifting boring, I just can;t get enough of it. There is something inspiring and gratifying in lifting weights. Making an effort, concentrating, and achieving.

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    People who don't practice Pilates think it's laid-back and easy. Once done right. it couldn't be more challenging.

  5. 5


    Fo those of us who love the mind-body combination.

  6. 6


    I'm more of a strenght-training person, I don't care much for aerobics. Still, I have to burn those nasty, nasty calories somehow. When the lights are off and the music plays, you just forget about everything and give it all you have.

  7. 7


    I can't dance to save my life. However, shaking what my mama gave me can be fun, I admit.

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