5 Things That Make 'Red Dead Redemption II' - So Damn Amazing!

Red Dead Redemption II is out and it’s already the year’s best-reviewed game, which isn’t a surprise to be honest. The things that makes it stand out between so many great games that have released this year is the massive scale that it has been built upon. The mind-blowing scale on which it is built is enough to overwhelm a gaming nerd instantly.

Here are five main things that make it extraordinarily good.

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    Beautiful at Each Frame

    This is one of the main reasons the game is so good and appealing. Each moment of the game leaves a sheer beautiful impact on the players eyes. You can see the clouds moving over the hills and casting their shadows upon plains as herds of animals run through the wild, making it a sight to behold.

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    Incredible Music and Score

    The open world is amazingly beautiful, but if there is something that makes the game even more perfect it is the music. I genuinely cannot imagine what the overall impression of the game would have been if the music wasn’t this good. The moments where the game truly draws you in is when the scene is perfectly connected to the beautiful and well-executed music.

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    Great Dialogues and Realistic Characters

    The game gives us one of the best voice work experiences. The dialogues feel very natural, well=connected to the characters. You almost forget that you are playing a video game when you watch the characters interact so naturally. The game is filled with touching, natural and occasionally funny lines. The dialogues make it feel like an interaction between real people which makes it easier for the player to indulge in the grim story.

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    Grounded World

    The physical world of the game is remarkable in the way that so many concepts have been used in the game which makes you physically perform every little action, making the physical presence of the character more and more present. Whether it is the act of lighting a cigarette or having a bath where you have to scrub each part of the body by moving to it, makes he character much more interactive.

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    Mind-Boggling Detail

    What makes Red Dead Redemption 2 a masterpiece aren’t the captivating moments, it’s the painstaking detail in every little thing in the game. You can feel it in every moment of the game whether you are in the plains or in the hills. You will feel something magical even when you leave a building or anything interior. There’s deep detail in the vast environment and even in the smallest corners of a room. You can see the way the horse’s hoofs get dirty with mud in the ground and how they catch snow in the snowy areas. You almost thought I was going to mention the horse’s testicles when you read ‘horse’ didn’t you? They do shrink, horse’s testicles shrink in the snow.

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